Still Life


(They’re also still life when they’re on my feet. Because I’m a really slow runner. Ha.)

I got some much-needed new running shoes this week and took them for a test drive tonight. I tried on a bunch of shoes at the local running shop after our long run on Saturday, but even when I go up half a size, nothing gives me the same amount of toe space as Mizuno Wave Riders. I’ve been buying them for several years now and I hope Mizuno never makes any major changes to them or I’ll have to quit running, probably.

Note to Mizuno: Lemme know if you want to sponsor my running career. I’m very slow, as previously mentioned, so your shoes are very easy for people to see as I crawl past.

I also rode Snoopy today and he was a bit keyed up so I had him canter a couple of circles, which is only noteworthy because I can’t remember the last time I asked him to canter. Every ride is borrowed with him, so it’s extra exciting when he acts like a much younger, fitter horse.

And I finished a video project that has been hanging over my head for, like, six months, so that was also exciting.

All in all, a banner day.


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